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Yili Xintian Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.
The project is the flue gas desulfurization of 4¡Á480 t/h boilers and industrial tail gas desulfurization in the chemical industry zone of an annual output of 2 billion Nm3 coal-to-gas project. The desulfurization efficiency is more than 98%, and the SO2 content in the clean flue gas is not more than 100 mg/Nm3. All the indicators reflect the advanced, mature and reliable ammonia desulphurization technology of Jiangnan Environmental Protection.
Inner Mongolia Datang International Keshiketeng Coal to Gas Co., Ltd.
The project is designed to process 190,000 Nm3/h of flue gas and 12,600 mg/Nm3 of SO2, including a 4x470 t/h boilers ammonia desulphurization unit and 160+35 (Phase I) tail gas ammonia desulphurization unit in a chemical zone of the power division. In Phase I of the power zone, 4 x 470 t/h boilers are designed as two absorbers for one boiler. The single absorber processing flue gas volume is 1.39 million Nm3/h. The design value of the desulfurization efficiency is not less than 96.5%. The SO2 content is designed as not more than 200 mg/Nm3 in the clean flue gas. The chemical zone has 1, 2, 3-phase units, and a total of one absorber is installed in Phase III, desulfurization efficiency is not less than 98%. The power zone and the chemical zone share the ammonium sulfate handling system, which reduces capital expenditures and produces 420,000 tons of ammonium sulfate annually. At the same time, the waste ammonia produced by the ammonia purification plant can meet the demand.
Acid Gas Treatment Project List
NO. Client Name Location Capacity (sulfur recovery t/a) Project Status SO2 Emission
1 Yili Xintian Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. Xinjiang, China 50,000 In Operation 100
2 Inner Mongolia Bodashidi Chemical Co. Ltd. Inner Mongolia, China 50,000 In Operation 195
3 Inner Mongolia Datang International Keshiketeng
Coal to Gas Co., Ltd.
Inner Mongolia, China 160,000 In Operation 100
4 Shaanxi Changqing Energy & Chemical CO., Ltd. Shaanxi , China 10,000 In Operation 50
5 Hanggin Qi Yitai chemical industry Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia, China 2¡Á20,000 Completion£¨Commissioning£© 100
6 Liaoning Datang International Fuxin Coal-to-gas Co., Ltd. Liaoning, China 52,000 Under Construction 31
7 Hebei Qianhai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Hebei, China 15,000 Under Construction 100
8 China National Offshore Oil Corporation Dongying Petroleum Co., Ltd. Shandong, China 2¡Á10,000 Under Construction 100
9 Jinling Petrochemical Company (JPC) Jiangsu, China 150,000 Under Construction 50
10 Ningxia Unisplendour Tianhua Methionine Co., Ltd. Ningxia, China 20,000 Under Construction 80
11 Kuitun Jinjiang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Xinjiang, China 5,000 Under Construction 35
12 Yitai Xinjiang Energy Co., Ltd. Ganquanbao Project Xinjiang, China 32,000 Under Construction 100
13 Inner Mongolia Connell Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia, China 3,500 Under Construction 100
14 Liaoning Yutime Petrochemical Vo., Ltd. Liaoning, China 72+9 P.D. Under Construction 100
15 ZHONGKE (GUANGDONG) REFINING & CHEMICAL Co., Ltd. Guangdong, China 3¡Á130,000 Under Construction 100
16 Shenghong Petrochemical Group Jiangsu, China 3¡Á150,000 Win a bid 100
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